5 minutes with… George

What do you enjoy most about working in the digital team?

I like the fact that every week can be different. We touch a wide range of different projects as part of the digital team, from website development and email marketing campaigns to advanced Google Analytics tracking and animation. I also love the fact that digital projects can be ever growing and improving all the time, adding more features to websites or tweaking a form validation across our projects to give that end user a slightly better experience every time. We like to push ourselves in digital and in the agency as a whole to constantly do everything better each time we do it and that makes it a great team to be part of.

As a Senior Developer, what do you find the most challenging aspect of your role?

I think the most challenging aspect for me as a Senior Developer is taking on more responsibility for the team as a whole. Juggling between projects was something I was very used to in a fast paced agency environment, but now adding to that mix managing other members of the team, co-managing the workload of the team and scheduling work, it’s a lot for me to fit in alongside my actual development work. I’m always up for a challenge though, and this is another one I’m looking forward to overcoming.

What resources help you keep up to date with the industry?

I’m a big fan of online learning tools to help develop my skills further, as well as learning new best practices in coding and workflows. In my spare time last year I was offered to participate in the Google Developer Challenge Scholarship on Udacity, which ended up being so insightful and improved my skills in developing for the Mobile Web. The course included video tutorials, code examples and questions and answers you had to pass to complete the course. I’ve also done other online certifications for Advanced Google Analytics, which again was a very well done course of lessons that I’d recommend to anyone wanting to really get to grips with Google Analytics and what it can do.

And finally, describe yourself in three words…

Positive, Easygoing, Lucky.

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